Achievements of Second Toyojiro Mogami

In 1935 Toyojiro Mogami studied under former owner for the traditional method of craftsmanship from Edo period, He devoted all his energy to mastering the technique until his retirement.

His achievement for Sashimono industry is that he made every effort to establish a Edo-Sashimonokyodokumiai (SashimonoUnion), as a result, Sashimono was designated by Traditional Crafts of Tokyo. After that, Edo-Sashimono was designated by Traditional Crafts of Japan.

Because, Toyojiro Mogami was worried about the future of Sashimono, and he trained 12 apprentices. They are still active . He showed traditional techniques to the media as representative of Edo-Sashimono.

(abr: Record of contribution for Medals of Honor)

Special Skills


(method of aged color processing)

One of the method of Sashimo for Tea ceremony and flower arrangement, is the special polishing with sand on the wooden piece to defined grain pattern. Using this method gives “WABI” “SABI”. The other method is using fire and brush. This technique gives an antique look.


1994 Awarded Yellow ribbon from Medals of Honor

Reason for the award:

He has been engaged in Sashimono crafts for a long time, trying hard to get better skills and developing younger generation enthusiastically. It is a role model for citizen. Therefore, He is awarded the Medals of Honor for Yellow ribbon

Yellow ribbon:
Awarded to individuals who, through their diligence and perseverance while engaging in their professional activities, became public role models.