What is Japan’s Traditional Crafts?

Japan’s Traditional Crafts is protected under the law of Traditional Crafts Industry, to be designated as Traditional crafts, Co-operative association which follow the regulation, need to apply the following process;

Each of Co-operative association must submit the application form through the governor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. After that, it is considered by the Industrial Structure Council, finally designated by minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Requirement for Traditional Craft by law

For a craft item to be designated a Traditional Craft Product under the Law for the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries, it must satisfy the above criteria outlined.

Certification for Traditional Crafts

There are many imitations, sometimes it hard to distinguish. Therefore, the Association of Traditional Crafts made label that “Certification for Traditional Crafts” is to prove the authenticity of the product. There are several kinds of certifications made by the state, prefectures, and municipalities.